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Immanuel prayer sessions every second Thursday evening ... contact Gaylene or Lucy for info...

Hello Dear Friends of Jesus,


Aren't we blessed with such lovely days of fall, how can we doubt Immanuel- "God with us?". Prince George is gorgeous clothed in golden hues. 


This is to remind you that our Immanuel practice group will be meeting at the Well Church (in back of the King's In bookstore every second Thursday 7:00-9:00 pm.


For those new to the group, we generally share and have some form of review/teaching for the first hour, followed by an opportunity to receive or coach in Immanuel prayer. Please bring along your Opening/Closing Prayer hand out, and 1/2 sheet Quick Guide to Immanuel to help you. This is also your opportunity to bring any questions, situations, or "God Stories" you'd like to share. 


A reminder, newcomers are welcome to join us and experience Immanuel Prayer.


May God bless you with knowing His peace and His Presence in special ways this week. Looking forward to meeting with some of you on Monday evening!




Gaylene Neary, MC, RCC, PACC

Mirror IMage Counselling

Prince George, BC

Tel: 250 692-6271

Fax: 250 964-8815

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